Other names: Jade, Jadeit (German)

Chemical structure: Na Al Si_2 O_6

Physical properties:

Lustre: vitreous;

Transparency: translucent to opaque;

Hardness: 6.5-7;

Cleavage: prismatic good, sometimes basal parting possible;

Fracture: uneven;

Specific gravity: 3.2-3.3;

Crystal system: monoclinic.

Colour and varieties: All shades of green (contains chromium), black, brown, lavender (contains manganese), rose coloured (contains manganese), red, orange brown, yellow, white.

Streak: White.

Some general info: Jadeite belongs to the family of clinopyroxenes (silicates of a rather complicated structure) which widely vary in composition.

History and Mythology: Jade is known from 5000 BC on where it was called the 'best of all gem stones'. The Chinese where especially fond of jade. In Ancient Egypt it was called the stone of love, inner peace and harmony. Even now jadeite is known as a dream stone which helps to understand dreams. Jadeite is a symbol of purity, courage, justice, mercy and wisdom. Black jadeite is connected with the devil Lucifer and thus called devil's stone. It's used for black magick and as emitter for evil thoughts and curses.

Physical healing properties: Kidney problems, helps pregnant women, cleans the blood, strengthens the immune system.

Psychological healing properties: Spreads calm and helps to meditate. As a stone of love it gives more contentment and strengthens the personality.

Chakra: Heart chakra (green colour vibration); the other varieties can be used on all the other chakras, too.

Astrological connection: Second part of Taurus (3 - 19 May), second part of Libra (7 - 22 October); Libra (24 September - 22 October).

Planet: Venus.

Day: Friday.